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Exploding Boxes with Shopping Cart

Sometimes it is not easy to find an idea for a present. In such a case, you might give away a gift of money. But the question is how to package it? My idea was to create exploding boxes with a shopping cart.
For the shopping cart I developped once again a file for Cutting Machines (.studio3 and .svg – you find them here in my shop).
I’m sure you are curious about my finished work, so please have a look at following photos: I have also worked out a second color variation: Which color combination do you like more? I would be pleased if you tell me that in the comments.

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Large Exploding Box with Bicycle and Park Bench

Some of our customers want to have exploding boxes in rather large sizes. The difficulty then is to fill in the motif inside the box, so that the finished work looks very good. Such a box in large size was recently wished with a bicycle. At the same time it was necessary to size up the motive. I decided to install a park bench in addition into the box for this purpose. So I have developed a corresponding cutting machine file, which is now available in our online-shop. Furthermore, I have designed the side walls with landscapes, which were also produced with cutting machine.
But take a look just now how my finished box looks like: I hope you enjoyed my today’s blog post and I would be glad if you leave me a comment on how you like my work!
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Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles ….

New cutting files in our Online-Shop available: .studio3, .svg and .pdf-files for cutting these bicycles out of paper with cutting machine: If you like to watch how I glue such bicycles, please have a look on following video:
I make such bicycles when customers ask me, if I could create an exploding box with bicycle inside: