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Exploding Box with Vintage Oven

This exploding box was wanted as a birthday gift for someone who gets a new oven as a present.
For the colors I used different shades of aquamarin/bermuda blue and as second color I choosed rosy pink shades.
Let us take a look into the box:In the center of the box I put a vintage oven. I created it with my cutting machine Silhouette Cameo. (You find the cutting files here in my Online Shop). Let’s have a closer look to the oven:I used some mini-magnets at the ovens door, so it is possible to open and close it:One of the side walls I decorated with an apron, created with the apron builder framelits of Stampin’up!
The second wall I decorated with a vase with a flower:I hope you like this birthday gift box and I wish you lots of fun if you are going to create a vintage oven yourself with my cutting files!

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Grand Piano created with Cutting Machine

Do you know someone who plays the piano? If so, then it would be a great idea to surprise him or her with a homemade piano made of paper!
We have developed a cutting machine file that can be used to cut the piano parts in the video below.

Such a piano can be of course cut in other colors. I made a black one for the following exploding box:But I also like the red version very much!I hope you enjoy working with my piano cutting files. I hope you visit my blog again soon – bye for now!

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Bavarian Dirndl – Cutting File and Digital Paper

Have you ever been on the Oktoberfest in Munich? If so, then you will have noticed that the Bavarian Dirndl is a very popular clothing in this event.
I think that the Dirndl is also a nice decoration element when scrapbooking and making cards or other paper projects. That’s why I designed a cutting plotter file that you can use to make dirndl dresses out of paper.I also created a short video, where you can watch how I glue the paper pieces of the Dirndl together:

For the aprons of my Dirndls I used digital paper which I specially created for Bavarian themed paper crafting purposes.I hope you like my cutting machine Dirndls and/or my Bavarian Dirndl themed digital paper!
I wish you a great paper crafting week and look forward to see you next time in my blog!