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Colour Combo Blog Hop February 2019

It’s been a while since I last joined Colour Combo BlogHop. But today it is time again and I am glad to be take part on it!The colors that we should use are the Stampin’Up! colors Poppy Parade, Soft Sea Foam and Mossy Meadow.
For this BlogHop I’d liked to create a hexagon shaped picture. So I first I had to design a hexagon frame for my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. After designing and cutting I took some Aquapainters and coloured the frame descreetly with the 3 colours of our today’s BlogHop.
For the picture in the center of the frame I used the Stampin’Up!-SAB stamp set “Home to Roost” and stamped some grain as background. For the foreground I stamped the tap and coloured him with Aquapainters.This is the final result after gluing the frame:For getting a little bit more colour to my frame I added a couple of small flowers by using paper in colour Poppy Parade. These flowers are punched with the Punchset “Bloom by Bloom”.I hope you like my final creation!

And now it’s time to hop to Katie Johnson – I’m very curious to see her work!

Complete Blog Hop List:

  1. Tanja Klingler Selinger (AT) – :
  2. Dorothee Felicitas Buhn –
  3. Sandra Roberts (UK) –
  4. Pia Gerhardt – Scraproomboom (DE) –
  5. Sue McDonald – Frankiesue Stampin (UK) –
  6. Sandra Herzog –
  7. Janey Backer (USA)
  8. Tricia Butts (U.S.A) –
  9. Lauren Meiklejohn (Aust) –
  10. Silke Trapani (DE) –
  11. Renée Eckhardt (AT) –
  12. Judith Postler
  13. Rene Guenther (DE) –
  14. Jo Blackman (UK)
  15. Laura Mackie (UK)
  16. Angélique Nederpel – Stempelkeuken (NL)
  17. Rebecca-Jo Unwin – Australia
  18. Carmen Groinig- Austria
  19. Tracy Marie Lewis – Stuff N Thingz (US) –
  20. Brigitte Baier-Moser – Mediendesign Moser (AT) —> at the moment you are here
  21. Katie Johnson – United States –
  22. Astrid Hofmann (AT) –
  23. Tatiana Grübler (DE) –
  24. Angela Köber (DE) –
  25. Cheryl Taylor (UK) –
  26. Anastasia Radloff (US) –
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Exploding Box with Vintage Oven

This exploding box was wanted as a birthday gift for someone who gets a new oven as a present.
For the colors I used different shades of aquamarin/bermuda blue and as second color I choosed rosy pink shades.
Let us take a look into the box:In the center of the box I put a vintage oven. I created it with my cutting machine Silhouette Cameo. (You find the cutting files here in my Online Shop). Let’s have a closer look to the oven:I used some mini-magnets at the ovens door, so it is possible to open and close it:One of the side walls I decorated with an apron, created with the apron builder framelits of Stampin’up!
The second wall I decorated with a vase with a flower:I hope you like this birthday gift box and I wish you lots of fun if you are going to create a vintage oven yourself with my cutting files!

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Exploding Boxes with Shopping Cart

Sometimes it is not easy to find an idea for a present. In such a case, you might give away a gift of money. But the question is how to package it? My idea was to create exploding boxes with a shopping cart.
For the shopping cart I developped once again a file for Cutting Machines (.studio3 and .svg – you find them here in my shop).
I’m sure you are curious about my finished work, so please have a look at following photos: I have also worked out a second color variation: Which color combination do you like more? I would be pleased if you tell me that in the comments.

Thanks for visiting my blog – I hope you will come back here soon!


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Large Exploding Box with Bicycle and Park Bench

Some of our customers want to have exploding boxes in rather large sizes. The difficulty then is to fill in the motif inside the box, so that the finished work looks very good. Such a box in large size was recently wished with a bicycle. At the same time it was necessary to size up the motive. I decided to install a park bench in addition into the box for this purpose. So I have developed a corresponding cutting machine file, which is now available in our online-shop. Furthermore, I have designed the side walls with landscapes, which were also produced with cutting machine.
But take a look just now how my finished box looks like: I hope you enjoyed my today’s blog post and I would be glad if you leave me a comment on how you like my work!
Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

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Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles ….

New cutting files in our Online-Shop available: .studio3, .svg and .pdf-files for cutting these bicycles out of paper with cutting machine: If you like to watch how I glue such bicycles, please have a look on following video:
I make such bicycles when customers ask me, if I could create an exploding box with bicycle inside:

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Grand Piano created with Cutting Machine

Do you know someone who plays the piano? If so, then it would be a great idea to surprise him or her with a homemade piano made of paper!
We have developed a cutting machine file that can be used to cut the piano parts in the video below.

Such a piano can be of course cut in other colors. I made a black one for the following exploding box:But I also like the red version very much!I hope you enjoy working with my piano cutting files. I hope you visit my blog again soon – bye for now!

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Bavarian Dirndl – Cutting File and Digital Paper

Have you ever been on the Oktoberfest in Munich? If so, then you will have noticed that the Bavarian Dirndl is a very popular clothing in this event.
I think that the Dirndl is also a nice decoration element when scrapbooking and making cards or other paper projects. That’s why I designed a cutting plotter file that you can use to make dirndl dresses out of paper.I also created a short video, where you can watch how I glue the paper pieces of the Dirndl together:

For the aprons of my Dirndls I used digital paper which I specially created for Bavarian themed paper crafting purposes.I hope you like my cutting machine Dirndls and/or my Bavarian Dirndl themed digital paper!
I wish you a great paper crafting week and look forward to see you next time in my blog!

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Rows of Houses made of Paper

My today’s paper craft project is done in almost no time. It is a row of houses and I created them in 3 different color variations.
The parts for the houses rows got cut with a cutting machine. I used my Silhouette Cameo for that, but in addition I created also .svg-files of this project. So it is possible, that owners of other cutting machine brands, e.g. Brother ScanNCut, can work with this files.
You find the cutting files here in our Online Shop.

Please take also a look at following video, where you can see how I glued the parts for the houses rows together:

And here are some photos of my houses rows:I hope you like my crafting idea!

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Hot Air Ballons made out of Paper

Today we go “off to the skies” with our latest cutting machine files! With the help of these files we can create really great hot air balloons out of paper. Usable are these e.g. in exploding boxes – but they are also a very nice gift completely without a box. Alternatively, you can draw a thread at the top of the balloons, so you can hang the balloons as well.
This download files are now available here in our online shop. And it is also very new that this time not only .studio3 files are included, there are also the formats .svg and .pdf included. Thus, these files can also be used for all those cutting machine devices that support these file formats.
Incidentally, we will gradually expand our older cutting machine files to these additional file formats – I hope that the owners of other cutting machine brands will be happy about it! 🙂

Now let’s take a look at a photo with some of these hot air balloons:
The production of such a balloon can be seen in the following video:

In addition I want to give you a small note to the video: After multiple production of such balloons, I came to the conclusion that it is not absolutely necessary to wrap the thread around the outer ring (to see towards the end of the video). If the balloon is already well formed during manufacture, you can either completely do it without the thread or you can use the thread for hanging up the balloon.

And now I wish you a lot of pleasure in creating such hot air balloons with our download files!

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Easter Cards cut with Cutting Machine

In a few days is Easter, therfore, I would like to present you these last minute Easter cards:These cards are really easy to create with Silhouette Cameo and you find the download with print files (colorful eggs and text) and cut files in our Online Shop.

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