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Exploding box with Cabrio

I love to put 3-D-Objects into Exploding boxes! This one was ordered as a wedding-gift and when the box is opened a tiny wedding-cabrio is presented.
But first take a look how the box looks like outside:On the following photo you can see what is presented when the box gets opened:The wedding-cabrio I designed with the Silhouette-Studio-Software. If you like to create the wedding-cabrio yourself – and you have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine your own – then you could use our plotting file – it is available¬†here in our Online-Shop.¬†I also created a instructional video. I’m sorry, because at the moment the video is only available in German Language – but I will translate it into English soon – thank you for your patience! I hope that in the meantime you watch the video nevertheless in German: read more…