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Guitar made out of paper – cut with Silhouette Cameo

I love guitars and sometimes I play guitar or bass guitar together with my family (my two sons and my husband play also musical instruments for a hobby).
I created some guitars out of paper and I’m very happy with this adorable result:The cutting file for guitar and stool is available here in our Online Shop.
I also created a video where I show how to glue the parts of the guitar together. Please excuse my bad accent when I’m speaking…

Today I’m working on suitcases for these guitars – but this will be a blog entry coming next week.

One note for producing these guitars:
The most difficult part of creating them is to put the tiny strings (using thin silver thread or thin yarn) on them. You really have to be patient when doing that. For this reason I have created in addition a simpler version. For this version please use the print-file (included in the download) with guitar neck and strings. Print and cut it out with scissors and glue it on your guitar instead of using the silver thread. I hope this second version will help when you don’t like to use yarn.

Some further photos:And if you like to watch it – this is a video with my family and me playing music on the birthday party of my husband Heinz ­čÖé

2 thoughts on “Guitar made out of paper – cut with Silhouette Cameo

  1. Sehr sch├Âne Gitarre… darf ich fragen, welchen Kleber ihr verwendet? Ist das die Originalflasche?
    Danke f├╝r die Info

    1. Hallo Stefan! Ich verwende fl├╝ssigen Bastelkleber. Z.B. den Mehrzweck-Fl├╝ssigkleber von Stampin’Up! Man kann aber auch Bastel-Leim von anderen Herstellern verwenden.

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