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Exploding box with Cabrio

I love to put 3-D-Objects into Exploding boxes! This one was ordered as a wedding-gift and when the box is opened a tiny wedding-cabrio is presented.
But first take a look how the box looks like outside:On the following photo you can see what is presented when the box gets opened:The wedding-cabrio I designed with the Silhouette-Studio-Software. If you like to create the wedding-cabrio yourself – and you have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine your own – then you could use our plotting file – it is available¬†here in our Online-Shop.¬†I also created a instructional video. I’m sorry, because at the moment the video is only available in German Language – but I will translate it into English soon – thank you for your patience! I hope that in the meantime you watch the video nevertheless in German:The steps how to build the cabrio you can see in addition in the following photo-compilation:And finally I’d like to show you some further photos with some details: Have a nice weekend!

2 thoughts on “Exploding box with Cabrio

  1. Hello there Medien Design: I am from the States. I really, really would like to know if there is a template for this Cabrio (car) August 4, 2017 photo. I do not have a Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine. Is there another way I can be able to get in touch with this Cabrio car. Can I purchase “already cut template” from you? Then, I can put it together. I did watch your German video and enjoyed it very much. Although, I did not understand a word. But, I could pick-up on your instructing hand movements (smile).
    Please let me know if this is possible and so I can forward you my address and cost. I have not been able to find this Cabrio in the states or it is not offered here with Stampin up. I’ve searched everywhere.
    Thank you so much, Marylou Reimer December 5, 2017

  2. Hi, absolutely love the cabrio with the exploding box, is the box available as a cutting file as well?

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