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Exploding Box with Vintage Oven

This exploding box was wanted as a birthday gift for someone who gets a new oven as a present.
For the colors I used different shades of aquamarin/bermuda blue and as second color I choosed rosy pink shades.
Let us take a look into the box:In the center of the box I put a vintage oven. I created it with my cutting machine Silhouette Cameo. (You find the cutting files here in my Online Shop). Let’s have a closer look to the oven:I used some mini-magnets at the ovens door, so it is possible to open and close it:One of the side walls I decorated with an apron, created with the apron builder framelits of Stampin’up!
The second wall I decorated with a vase with a flower:I hope you like this birthday gift box and I wish you lots of fun if you are going to create a vintage oven yourself with my cutting files!

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Exploding Boxes with Shopping Cart

Sometimes it is not easy to find an idea for a present. In such a case, you might give away a gift of money. But the question is how to package it? My idea was to create exploding boxes with a shopping cart.
For the shopping cart I developped once again a file for Cutting Machines (.studio3 and .svg – you find them here in my shop).
I’m sure you are curious about my finished work, so please have a look at following photos: I have also worked out a second color variation: Which color combination do you like more? I would be pleased if you tell me that in the comments.

Thanks for visiting my blog – I hope you will come back here soon!


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Large Exploding Box with Bicycle and Park Bench

Some of our customers want to have exploding boxes in rather large sizes. The difficulty then is to fill in the motif inside the box, so that the finished work looks very good. Such a box in large size was recently wished with a bicycle. At the same time it was necessary to size up the motive. I decided to install a park bench in addition into the box for this purpose. So I have developed a corresponding cutting machine file, which is now available in our online-shop. Furthermore, I have designed the side walls with landscapes, which were also produced with cutting machine.
But take a look just now how my finished box looks like: I hope you enjoyed my today’s blog post and I would be glad if you leave me a comment on how you like my work!
Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

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Cutting files: Rocking Horses and Miniature Toys

For my customer orders I needed new exploding boxes for christening. Therefore, I had to work out a new motive for my cutting machine. I decided to create a rocking horse and in addition some miniature toys as further decoration.
Both cutting files are available in our online shop (here you find the rocking horse, and here you find the miniature toys).

For the rocking horse I created again a video where you can watch how to glue the parts together:
I also want to show you how the finished exploding boxes look like: Continue reading Cutting files: Rocking Horses and Miniature Toys

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Grand Piano created with Cutting Machine

Do you know someone who plays the piano? If so, then it would be a great idea to surprise him or her with a homemade piano made of paper!
We have developed a cutting machine file that can be used to cut the piano parts in the video below.

Such a piano can be of course cut in other colors. I made a black one for the following exploding box:But I also like the red version very much!I hope you enjoy working with my piano cutting files. I hope you visit my blog again soon – bye for now!

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Exploding Box with Cosmetics Chair

An exploding box was required for the new opening of a cosmetics studio. I thought that it would be nice to create a cosmetics chair as 3-D-object for the center motive of this box. I realzed this idea by using the cutting machine Silhouette Cameo.
But first please have a look inside the box:The file for the cutting machine is again available here in our online shop.  For better success in putting the pieces together again I created a video how to assemble the cosmetics chair:

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Spanish Motives for Silhouette Cameo

Last week I had to create an Exploding box symbolizing a trip to Spain. For this purpose I needed some Spanish motives and so I created flamenco-dancers (female and male), a torero and a bull for the Silhouette cutting machineOf course I’d like you to show the final exploding box because I really fell in love with this color-combination:
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Exploding box with Cabrio

I love to put 3-D-Objects into Exploding boxes! This one was ordered as a wedding-gift and when the box is opened a tiny wedding-cabrio is presented.
But first take a look how the box looks like outside:On the following photo you can see what is presented when the box gets opened:The wedding-cabrio I designed with the Silhouette-Studio-Software. If you like to create the wedding-cabrio yourself – and you have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine your own – then you could use our plotting file – it is available here in our Online-ShopI also created a instructional video. I’m sorry, because at the moment the video is only available in German Language – but I will translate it into English soon – thank you for your patience! I hope that in the meantime you watch the video nevertheless in German: read more…

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Golf Bag made of Paper with Silhouette Cameo

Exploding boxes are always a great idea for a birthday gift. The following 10-sec.-video shows an exploding box that fits perfectly for a golf player
I’d also like to show you how I created this bag – therefore please take a look at the following video. I used Silhouette Cameo cutting plotter for cutting the parts. The cutting-file for the bag is available in our online shop.
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High Heels – Cut with Silhouette Cameo

An exploding box with high heels is a great gift for a fashion-conscious lady. But for making a perfect pair of high heels out of paper it is necessary that the paper parts get cut out very precise. For this purpose I use my Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine. The file for cutting these shoes is also available here in our online shop.
But first take a look how pretty the finished exploding boxes look like: read more…